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The next Event is June 4th! Follow @pot.mamas on Instagram for real-time event updates! 


The Lompoc Art Walk is where passion meets responsibility, where creativity thrives, and where community flourishes. So, come and be a part of this remarkable journey, and together, let's make Lompoc bloom with art and inspiration every first Thursday.


Like what we're doing? Support the Mamas.


Participating in the Lompoc Art Walk every first Thursday is not just an opportunity; it's a responsibility that we all share in building the vibrant community we envision.

We envision the Lompoc Art Walk as a place where passion meets responsibility, where creativity thrives, and where community flourishes.

If you'd like to be featured in our marketing for the First Thursday's Art Walk, and listed within our directory. simply fill out the form below.

As part of our commitment, the Pot Mamas Social Club will:

  • Share a list of participating businesses and artists on our website and social media.

  • Provide updated maps highlighting participating businesses and food trucks.

  • Help spread the word!

Local Artists - Reach out directly to the Lompoc businesses of your interest to inquire about featuring your art or participating in site-specific art demos, markets, and events.

This reimagined event series is being initiated by The Pot Mamas Social Club and supported by The Lompoc Chamber, The Cypress Gallery - Lompoc Valley Arts Association, The Lompoc Arts Council, The Lompoc Theatre Project and the many small businesses that make up Downtown Lompoc.


Join us in the heart of Downtown Lompoc!


This event series is an invitation for our community to come together and explore the charming streets of our downtown area, all while enjoying captivating art showcases hosted by many of your favorite Lompoc destinations - all in one evening.

Each month, we invite downtown businesses to participate in the Art Walk. Businesses can collaborate with a local artist from your community or connect with one through our directory to participate in the monthly celebration of the arts.

We are designing a MAP that will feature the amazing downtown businesses that are participating in this event series. 


 Fortified Tattoo Company



Explore the vibrant tapestry of simultaneous events and showcases, thoughtfully curated by our community, for our community!


Downtown Lompoc businesses are encouraged to open their doors from 5pm to 8pm every first Thursday.


Here, they have the opportunity to host unique art-related experiences for all to enjoy. Whether it's a captivating art collection, live demonstrations, interactive workshops, an array of vendors, live music, or gallery exhibitions – the possibilities are boundless in the realm of art.


Let's come together, share our passion, show our support, and watch our artistic community flourish. It's a celebration of creativity, and we invite you to be part of the journey.


The Pot Mamas Social Club comprises artists and art enthusiasts deeply passionate about our beloved Lompoc and its vibrant community. Our affection for this City of Arts and Flowers runs deep, and we believe in actively supporting and fostering its creative spirit.


What better way to demonstrate our commitment to this remarkable city than by spearheading a community-driven monthly art gathering that brings people together for a shared creative experience?


We embarked on this journey because we believe that when someone says, "Somebody should...", we can be those "somebodies" who take action. Together, we're building a platform that celebrates art, encourages unity, and nurtures the unique artistic tapestry of our community.

A special thanks to The Lompoc Valley Arts Council for sponsoring the initial marketing of this event series.

To find out more information on becoming a sponsor please email



Participating Businesses


Art Walk Registration

Art Walk Directory

Download & share the images below with your audience! Spread the word.

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