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We believe in the transformative power of community and art, and we invite you to join us on this incredible journey toward a brighter future. We shoulder the responsibility of actively engaging in the creation of a better tomorrow.

   Our website resource page is dedicated to connecting you with a diverse range of art-based organizations in the Lompoc Valley, each offering unique opportunities for involvement. From local art galleries and theater groups to community mural projects and collaborative workshops, there is a place for everyone to nurture their creativity, forge meaningful connections, and contribute to the collective tapestry of our community. Together, let's harness the power of art, embrace the strength of our unity, and shape a future brimming with possibility.

Lompoc Visual Art Organizations

Lompoc Valley Arts Council (LVAC)

This non-profit serves the Lompoc arts community as a representative body.

Don Adams – 805-588-8582 -

Quarterly Meetings at Stone Pine Hall - open to the public

Lompoc Photographer’s Guild  

Lompoc Mural Society 

Community murals that bridge barriers between ethnic and cultural groups generating pride in community and preserving the historical record.

P.O. Box 2813, Lompoc, CA 93438

Vicki Andersen, (805) 588-3459,

Lompoc Valley Arts Association  

Provide artists with the opportunity to exhibit, collaborate and share their art with the community.

119 E Cypress Ave

Phone: (805) 737-1129

Vicki Andersen, (805) 588-3459,

Lompoc Valley Arts Association &
Cypress Gallery  

Provide artists with the opportunity to exhibit, collaborate and share their art with the community.

119 E Cypress Ave, Lompoc

Phone: (805) 737-1129

Vicki Andersen, (805) 588-3459,

Grossman Gallery

Exhibition venue for central coast artists and community.

Lompoc Library
501 E North Ave, Lompoc

Art Advisory Committee
(805) 875-8775

Lompoc Valley Sculptors Guild

To bring  together sculptors of the Lompoc Valley; to create public sculpture installations.

Jon Seidenberg

Lompoc Chalks

Sidewalk chalk festival, Fundraiser for Lompoc Theatre Project. Hosted the Lompoc Airport in October.

Lompoc Performing Arts Organizations - Music

Lompoc Concert Association  

 Brings national and international performers to Lompoc through annual series of affordable concerts and provides educational outreach. 

Concerts at First United Methodist Church, 925 No F St Lompoc

Molly Gerald -, 805-588-5971

Lompoc Music Association

Brings local and tri-country professionally-trained classical musicians to Lompoc.

Concerts at Valley of the Flowers UCC 3346 Constellation Rd, Lompoc 

Lola Day -

Certain Sparks and Certain Sparks Music Foundation

Unique music school, music store, recording studio; multi-instrument lessons; youth music programs; open mic;  hosts concert events. Scholarships through Certain Sparks Music Foundation.

107 S H St, Lompoc, 

Randall Sena
805-588-9479 |

Lompoc Academy of Music/ School of Music

Instruments and voice private instruction;  certified instructors;  certification programs, National Piano Guild auditions; onsite computer music lab.

Mosby Building, 601 E Ocean Av Suite 9 Lompoc

Karen Foreman, Director, Phone: (805) 736-9933, Email:

Lompoc Master Chorale (LVMC)

To encourage continuance of music in our community; inspire audiences of all ages by performing the finest choral music. Two concerts per year. Children’s Chorale

Rehearsal and performance at First United Methodist Church, 925 No F St Lompoc
Kathleen Hacker, director,


Lompoc Children’s Chorale

Promoting voice and performance skills of chorale music for children. Sponsored by the LVMC

Rehearsal and performance at First United Methodist Church, 925 No F St Lompoc
Kathleen Hacker, director,


Stages – Rehearsal Studio

Rehearsal Space, Event Space, Music Videos, Recording Sessions, Photo Shoots, live music and comedy shows

118 No I St Lompoc

Casey, (805)591-4839,


Central Coast Beat Social

Gathering of producers, rappers, singers, artists, Djs, dancers and friends to network and showcase their art.


Gents In a Chord 

Barbershop choir

Tuesdays 7:00 pm at St. Mary’s Episcopal Church 2800 Harris Grade Rd Lompoc

Sweet Adelines International

Choral group; a cappella, four-part harmony, barbershop style.  Classic ballads, contemporary songs, popular show tunes and mainstream music. Singing the powerfully balanced sounds of barbershop harmony provides a rich, rewarding experience.

Thursdays, 6:45 pm at Lutheran Church of Our Savior 4725 So Bradley Rd Santa Maria

(805) 736-7572


Lompoc Performing Arts Organizations - Theatre

Lompoc Civic Theatre

To Keep theatre alive and well in Lompoc; annual schedule of readings and performance; community outreach.

Larry McLellan
P.O. Box 69
Lompoc 93438

Lompoc Theatre Project

This organization works to restore and maintain the historic Lompoc Theatre as a multi-use cultural venue and education facility for the arts.

740 N H St. #238

(805) 380-6777

Lompoc High Drama

Sarah Barthel – 805-406-0047 -

Cabrillo High Drama

Jennifer Peterson –  

Lompoc Historical Society

Lompoc Performing Arts Organizations - Dance

Classical School of Ballet

Historic local ballet school est. in 1967; studio offers the finest training and performance opportunities in all levels of Classical Ballet, Jazz and Tap.

1313 North H St Suite A, Lompoc

Angela Mill, director, 805-736-4646

Garcia Dance Studio

Positive, professional Latin dance  instruction and performance opportunities; Flamenco, Salsa, Folkloricao,Ballet, HipHop, Lyrical, Cardio & Toning, Musical & Disney.

1006 North H St Lompoc

Laura Garcia, director (805) 717-9273

Boscutti Ballet Theater
[BBT Dance and Performing Arts]

Dance and theater education; provides a venue for development of artistic expression, creativity, and talent in the Lompoc Valley.

1100 W Ocean Ave Lompoc

Annie Boscutti, (805) 736-5620

Ua Noe Dance

Polynesian Dance Group

Celia Chaves, Director

Instagram: @uanoe_dance


Lompoc Museum

200 South H St, Lompoc

(805) 736-3888

La Purisima Mission


(805) 735-2174

Artesia School Museum

Open once a month for tours, this fully restored and furnished one-room schoolhouse (built in 1876) is a Lompoc treasure. Open the fourth Saturday of the month, 2 to 4 pm.

115 West Chestnut Ave., Lompoc, CA 93436

(805) 735-9910

Fabing-McKay-Spanne House

Built in 1875, the Fabing-McKay-Spanne House is named for the three families who had lived in it. Operated by the Lompoc Valley Historical Society, this historic Victorian “farmhouse” has been fully renovated and furnished. Open Mondays and Thursdays from 9 am to 11 am except major holidays. Admission is free. Also open on the fourth Saturday of the month from 10 am to 1 pm.

207 N L St, Lompoc, CA 93436

(805) 735-4626

Cultural Organizations

Alpha Literary and Improvement Club

Alpha Club
704 E Ocean

(805) 736-1960

Astronomy Club

Encourage amateur astronomers;star parties.

Manzanita Charter School, 991 Mountain View Blvd, VAFB, CA

(805) 315-8834

Lompoc Valley Bee Keepers Association

Flying Goat Cellars, 1520 E Chestnut, Unit A Lompoc
Kate G - (805) 588-0986

California Scribblers Writing Group

(805) 733-2300

Lompoc Film Club

LAUNCHpad 1010 North H St Lompoc

(805) 737-3730

Quilters, Etc.

Dianna Ludden
805) 736-6791

Commercial Venues

KTNK Radio

Locally produced radio station, archival music, local concerts 

Mike Day

+1 (818) 421-3245

Flying Goat Cellars

Wine tasting with art gallery, artist receptions

Rotating 2 – 3 month art exhibits. Thurs – Monday, 11:00 am – 4:00 pm

1520 E Chestnut Ave, Unit A Lompoc

(805) 736-9032

The Bookstore

Reader’s group, local authors and artist-created merchandise.
1137 North H Street Lompoc
Leslie Server

Southside Coffee Co

Eye on I

Restaurant, music venue, art displays

131 N I St. Lompoc


Instagram: @eye_on_i_84

The Garden Shoppe

Gift Store, Local Merchandise

111 S H St, Lompoc, CA 93436

(805) 588-9100

The Garden Shoppe

Gift Store, Local Merchandise

122 West Ocean Ave, Lompoc, CA, United States, California

(805) 588-9100

Flower Valley Country Store

Gift Store, Local Merchandise

111 1/2 South H Street, Lompoc, CA, United States, California

(805) 705-1751

Lazy F & Co

Gift Store, Local Merchandise

111 South H St., Lompoc, CA, United States, California

Wicked Shamrock

Pub, music venue, live comedy, Shamrock Book Club, Art Nite

143 No H St Lompoc

(805) 430-8924


The Wine Factory

Artisanal wines; music venue; Sip Music Club

Brandon Bridge

321 N D St, Lompoc, CA 93436

(805) 243-8398

Cold Coast Brewing Co.

Pub, Open-mic Saturdays, Live Music Offerings 

118 W Ocean Ave, Lompoc, CA 93436

(805) 819-0723


PCH Street Lounge

Wine Bar, Live Music Offerings

117 S H St, Lompoc, CA 93436

Monty Montgomery

(805) 770-1905

Wyld Roots

Community Partners

Lompoc Valley Arts Council

Non-profit to serve the Lompoc arts community as a representative body.

Stone Pine Hall, 210 South H St

Don Adams,


Santa Barbara County Office of Arts & Culture (branch of Santa Barbara Arts Commission)

Provides grants,  programs & assistance for all areas of the arts

Sarah York Rubin  (805) 568-3992

Explore Lompoc

Gilda Cordoba

Lompoc Valley Chamber of Commerce

To champion and advocate for local business; acts as a catalyst for economic prosperity.

111 South I St

Lompoc Valley Community Health Organization

Route 1 Farmers Market

The mission of the Market is to increase access to local and sustainably grown food with a special focus placed on easing access to fresh and healthy local foods and bridging barriers that hinder our low-income community from shopping at farmers markets.

Mobile Farmer's Market, Farmer's Market at 3745 Constellation Rd,, Vandenberg Village, CA  every Sunday

To add or update existing organizations, please email

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