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Welcome to The Pot Mamas Social Club.


The vibrant hub of art and community in Lompoc! We started this incredible journey in the Fall of 2021, founded by two passionate artists and potters, Jasmine Gonzalez and Anna Look. We're a group of art-loving creatives, entrepreneurs, and friends, dedicated to creating a welcoming space where creativity thrives!

The Pot Mamas focus on social events curated to showcase the local art community. Our gatherings, workshops, and events are filled with laughter, inspiration, and plenty of room for friendship to blossom. We're all about celebrating the talent that makes Lompoc so special Through the amazing support of our community, we've proudly hosted five successful Art & Flower Faires in Lompoc, CA, with proceeds benefiting local causes close to our hearts.

It's incredible to see how art and unity can come together to make a positive impact in our valley.

And guess what? We've got big dreams.

Our vision is to establish a pottery studio and art collective within Lompoc, California. With your participation and generous donations, we can turn this dream into a reality and create a space that nurtures artistic expression and fosters a sense of togetherness. Join us as we pave the way for a future where art thrives, and the community thrives with it. We aim to lead the charge toward a brighter, more vibrant Lompoc - a city of inspiration and unity. 


To Follow Our Journey: @pot.mamas

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The Pot Mamas

Jasmine Gonzalez

Jasmine grew up in Orange Country and moved to Lompoc in 2017. Influenced by the generations of artists in her own family, she continues the creative journey and pours her passion into curating fun and welcoming art events through the Pot Mamas Social Club.

Jasmine launched her independent art brand, Manic Creativein 2020. She is a Freelance Photographer, Mixed Media Artist and Intuitive Designer. She hosts art workshops at a variety of local businesses and participates in a variety of artisan markets in the surrounding valley where she showcases her upcycled artisan goods, wildcrafted resin jwerely, vintage goods, and much more!

Anna Look

Anna grew up in the Santa Ynez Valley and has always loved painting, drawing, and creating. In 2018 she started the journey into a new artistic medium: ceramics. In 2021 she founded a clay art business @madebylook. She can't wait to bring together local creators in an eventual art and pottery studio collective!

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